Early Years Inspection Report 2013


Exmouth childcare was graded "Outstanding" in June 2013 by The Office for Standards in Education.


Ofsted reported that this provision is outstanding beacuse -


 The childminder maintains meticulous documentation, accurately identifying children's 

starting points. She regularly records their progress through observation and 

assessments and skilfully identifies children's next steps to effectively inform planning.

As a result, each child thrives and makes significant strides in their learning.


 The childminder gives the highest priority to safeguarding all children.

 Children play in a vibrant, welcoming environment. They are looked after by a 

dedicated, professional childminder who meets their individual care, learning and 

welfare needs exceptionally well.


 Children are exceptionally settled and secure in a nurturing environment where they 

build excellent relationships with the childminder and others.


 The childminder establishes highly successful partnerships with parents and others in 

order to actively meet children's individual needs. She shares information daily through 

discussion and daily contact books and parents contribute to learning records which she 

shares frequently.



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