Tapestry Online Learning Journals


I feel that it is extremly important to involve the parents/carers as much as possible with their child's learning and development.


I use an online software programme called Tapestry.


Tapestry is a great system for helping to understand the Early Years Foundation Stage areas of learning alongside the characteristics of effective learning.


Your child's observations and assessments are stored on the system and when an observation or assessment is added you will be alerted by email.  You as a parent/carer can go onto Tapestry as little or a much as you like and keep up to date with your child's journey.


Parents can also add information about their child's weekend, any holidays, any photos, any "Wow" moments or achievements witnessed at home such as taking first steps, saying a new word, using a spoon etc.


When your child's journey comes to an end here, we pop their Learning Journal onto disc so that it is then available for you to take home and keep.


I started using the system in November 2014 and it is extremely popular with all parents and the feedback we have had is great.


All accounts are password protected and only you yourself as the parent and staff can view and edit your child's journal.

"I love the online learning journal that Shelly provides. As a parent I can easily add our experiences from home and then Shelly and her team build on these and her interests. We share the pictures together allowing us to chat with our child about her day, her friends and the amazing things she has done. It has made her language and communication outstanding"    L.Broad

"My mother-in-law said she cried when she saw the video of the boys. She thinks the online journal is wonderful. She lives in Peterborough, so rarely sees them"  L.Kingston